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With KidBox Internet is


Kids are not exposed to inappropriate content or people. It blocks unwanted ads and links. The interface covers the entire desktop, turning into the only way to be accessed and making the Internet completely secure for children.

Family oriented

Video messages offer children the possibility to communicate on the Web in an original and entertaining way. Each kid can have their own contact list, managed and approved by their parents in order to communicate with family and friends.


It respects the children's interests promoting a daily-updated variety of contents, turning it into the best Internet for kids.


Playing and interacting, children discover the best content as they develop abilities and educational strategies in a recreational way.


It recommends the best contents. Each kid has his own differentiated profile, with his picture, character or avatar. Parents can customize their children's accounts uploading new contents.


Thanks to an interface designed to facilitate the autonomy, kids can surf intuitively without need to read or write.


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Safe browser

Online games

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Virtual world

Family album

Video mail

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